Hungry Dragon Mod Apk Latest v3.2 (Unlimited Money/Gems) free Android

Hungry Dragon Mod Apk

Ever admired what it’s like if dragons were true? That would be a fantasy to see, right? But how about if you have a dragon? How would life be? Meet Hungry Dragon Mod Apk by Ubisoft – a game that’s centered around this premise.

Hungry Dragon Mod Apk

In this casual game, you have a dragon that’s hungry all the time. This game is very flexible and acceptable to almost every age. With over 10 million installs in Google Play alone, this game is as addictive as it’s fun. So, what is the hype all about? Let’s find out!

Download Hungry Dragon Mod Apk:-


App NameHungry Dragon Mod Apk
DeveloperUbisoft Entertainment
Android 4.2 +
October 19, 2020

Become A Dragon’s Friend:-

In the hungry shark mod apk, you have a cute but toxic dragon friend called Nibbler. But unlike other dragons, Nibbler ever needs to eat as his name suggests. He consumes large birds, small animals, and other animals that he comes across. If he could, he’ll even swallow the cliffs and the sun.

Hungry Dragon’s Mod Apk gameplay:-

Enter the game Hungry Dragon; you will become a partner with a dragon named Nibbler, incredibly cute. However, Nibbler is a unique dragon. He always felt hungry and needed to eat everything. He can gulp large birds, mountain animals, or small animals dare to reach the eye. If possible, perhaps Nibbler could swallow the entirety … sun.

Of course, in hungry shark world mod apk, you have to help Nibbler eat as many beasts as reasonable to withstand. Whenever Nibbler does not have anything in his stomach, his vitality will diminish and may lead to hunger.

Hungry Dragon Mod Apk

Notice the blue blood bar in the upper right corner of your web to see how long your Dragon survives and how much to eat to withstand. The larger the creature, the more stability you will gain, the longer the Dragon hungry free gems will live.

However, it would be best if you watched out for dangerous organisms in the air. These creatures often have an odd appearance, scary. If not, eat right; not only will not boost blood but your Dragon will miss blood, even die instantly.

Features of Hungry Dragon Mod Apk:-

Hungry Dragon Mod Apk is an unusual and fun way to approve your time. It’s effortless, but it gives enormous possibilities and gameplay. But to truly understand the game, let’s take a look at what it offers:

Hungry Dragon Mod Apk

Collect gold coins – In this game, as you eat creatures, you come across gold coins as well. Try to obtain as many of them as they are used to open other dragons in this game. Also, the more you eat, the rapidly your Dragon will develop.

Different types of dragons – The game gives not just one or two but up to 10 species of dragons. Each Dragon is as distinct as the stars in the universe. They have various colors and species, and they look unusual too.

Intuitive control scheme – In this game, you don’t have to worry about elaborate control strategies. That’s because hungry shark evolution apk extends easy controls with just a control button to authorize your Dragon.

Hungry Dragon Mod Apk

Then you just tap the power-button to generate the skills of the Dragon, such as fire breathing. It’s up to you how to direct your Dragon to catch multiple at once and go on a fire-breathing rampage.

Stunning Graphics – In Hungry Dragon, your Dragon is the master of the show. Each Dragon is beautifully formulated to perfection showing all its incredible movements in 3D. The background and the other elements participate too in the game’s overall aesthetic, which is amusing to the eyes. Some effects will leave you speechless, such as the fire and other things.

Evolve and customize your dragons – In true gaming fashion, you can also customize your Dragon’s costumes. These don’t impact your gameplay, but it adds a bit of an outburst to the game.

How to Download & Install Hungry Dragon Mod Apk:-

  •  Click on the button below to start downloading the Hungry Dragon mod apk.
  • Click on the OK, and the download process will begin immediately.
  • After the downloading is complete, the installation page shall open up.
  • Press Install and follow the instructions.


  1. Android 4.0 version or above
  2. Stable internet connection
  3. Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi recommended
  4. Allow your device to install apps manually.


In Hungry Dragon mod apk, your task is to assist your friend Nibbler to eat as many animals as to withstand. Because when Nibbler doesn’t have anything to eat, he undermines and may starve to death. Don’t let that occur! There are arrows in the game to how much your Dragon has left and how much he needs to eat to overcome.

Of course, the more Nibbler eats, the healthier he becomes. This also means he will become larger. However, there are different creatures that you have to watch out for. These creatures are alarming and will only threaten Nibbler if eaten wrongly.


Question 1: How can we download this game?

Answer: you can download the hungry dragon mod apk from the download buttons given here

Question 2: Which is the best version of this game?

Answer: the best version of this game is v3.2

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