Stick War: Legacy MOD APK v2020.2.49 (Unlimited Gems) free on Android

Stick War: Legacy MOD APK

Stick War: Legacy MOD APK is a popular game that has received incredible rankings. It has emotional challenges and outstanding graphics, which makes it stand out.

The stick figure game challenges you to stabilize and control your army in arrangements or units. It would help if you took the finished charge over every stickman within your gaming jurisdiction.

Stick War Legacy Mod Apk

Additionally, you’ll enjoy its top-notch graphics and remarkable sound systems. Everything is right to persuade you to take a trip to the golden days of flash gaming, stickmen gaming.

Download the Stick War: Legacy MOD APK:-


App NameStick War Legacy Mod Apk
Android 4.1 +
DeveloperMax Games Studios
October 26, 2020

A Fascinating Gameplay of Stick War: Legacy MOD APK:-

In this game, you’ll be the governor of a nation of Order. Your people understand in unity, and they don’t worship weapons as gods. As such, you must organize your army and assault first!

Stick War Legacy Mod Apk

Your target should be to overcome many technological stations, thus injuring them. It would help if you took control of every stickman, build units, and my gold. Additionally, you must understand the techniques of Giant, Archer, Sword, Mage, and Spear.

This way, you’ll be prepared to demolish your competitor’s enemies and capture their territories—a simple task for the greatest of stickmen.

Game Modes:

Stick War Legacy has different game modes that give you the freedom to determine what suits you the best. Some of the outstanding modes include:

Survival Mode:

In this game mode, you’ll be expected to withstand zombies’ attacks. The game will be fast-paced, and you must summon your superiority.

Tournament Mode:

Tournament mode challenges you to face dozens of challengers in intense battles. It would help if you always assured that you beat them to be given the Crown of Inamorta.

Stick War Legacy Mod Apk

Interestingly, all your foe will be computer-generated (Artificial Intelligence) geared. However, you’ll only face AI enemies that are within your level of expertise.

Campaign Mode:

This model is based in the nation of Inamorta, which neighbors highly insensitive governments that differentiate themselves from your sovereignty.

In this mode, every country will have different methods of protecting their territory. Each nation believes so much in their own weapons and fighting techniques that they are specified to impart these techniques to other countries.

New features of Stick War: Legacy MOD APK:-

  1.  skins are now available for all characters! Each with their new unique features to unlock powerful weapons and armor!
  2.  Sheet skins are very inexpensive; light can move your units will build quickly.
  3.  Ice Skins powerful the magic slowly, freezing the enemy.
  4. Savage skins and bones from the fur, the wearer dead, increased attack speed, reduced alertness, and STUN.

Stick War Legacy Mod Apk

5. Heart failures due to the spread of volcanic lava burn the skin shows the damage back to the enemy’s spoofs and the damage.

6. The wave’s outer skin created and called the power to stop the Inamorta black magic.

7.Vamp theft harms your units’ vitality are armor and weapons, poison immunity, and destroy all those who enter.

8.  Endless zombie survival mode deads! Can it take many nights?

9. Infinite comic style cinematic intro deads!
10. Tournament mode! Your way, Challenger “Inamorta through the dozens of artificial crowns to win the fight!”

How to Download & Install Stick War: Legacy MOD APK:-

  • Click on that button below to start downloading stick war legacy.
  • Click on the OK, and the download process will begin immediately.
  • After the downloading is complete, the installation page shall open up.
  • Press Install and follow the instructions.


  1. Android 4.0 version or above
  2. Stable internet connection
  3. Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi recommended.
  4. Allow your device to install apps manually.


Another popular game from a series of different lesser-known stickers, but this time, your primary duty will not be to demolish monsters or zombies. Organize the army of the big army.

You have become the whole continent leader, and in all the countries around you, the game is always popular and wonderful and spontaneous.


Question 1: How can we download this game?

Answer: you can download stick war legacy mod apk from the download buttons given here

Question 2: Which is the best version of this game?

Answer: the best version of this game is v2020.2.49

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